Fire! Fire! Fire!

That’s what everyone shouted out before the invention of smoke detectors. Fires are one of the fiercest natural elements that can destroy an entire area in a short time. A small spark, or a smoldering fire has left many businesses, restaurants, industries, and homes burnt to ash. But don’t worry! technology has got you covered now!

The entry of these fire saviors in the field of technology has protected thousands of places from being engulfed by massive fires.

Safety first is safety always”

smoke detectors

What is a Smoke Detector?

A smoke detector is a device that triggers alarms whenever it senses smoke. The alarm alerts people of an upcoming fire and provides them ample of time to take protective measures such as calling fire brigade or calling for evacuation.

Types of Smoke Detectors

There are different types of smoke detectors for different types of fires. The higher the sensitivity, the costlier it is. Generally, there are three types of smoke detectors: photoelectric, ionization, and ASD. But as technology is evolving, so are the types of smoke detectors increasing. However, the latest and the most intelligent of them up till now are known as Auto-aligning optical beam smoke detectors.

Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

In case you have a smoldering fire in your kitchen and you don’t notice it, it will eventually grow into a big fire and burn your house. These fires are caused by negligible items such as when items such as burning cigarettes or matchsticks are left unattended. To prevent that from happening make sure to install photoelectric smoke detectors in your house, warehouse, or industry, etc. These types detect the smoke when the smoke enters the detector chamber and scatters the light.

The process is simple. The LED in the detector chamber is continuously shooting a laser beam into the catcher. The sensor is on the 90 degrees of the LED and isn’t able to detect the light when there is no smoke. As soon as the smoke enters the detector chamber, the LED beam scatters and becomes visible to the sensor and eventually an alarm is triggered.

Ionization Smoke Detectors

Resulting from the ignition of flammable liquids, electricity, paper, and wood, fast-flaming fires ignite faster than smoldering fires and produce smaller amounts of smoke. In case your electrical outlet is overloaded and you have a fast flaming fire, you must install ionization smoke detectors. These type of smoke detectors use ionization process and when smoke neutralizes the process, an alarm is triggered.

An ionization smoke detector consists of three part: ionization chamber, battery, and a speaker. The ionization chamber has a radioactive isotope “Americium” that produces alpha and gamma rays. This process creates ions which keep the electrical circuit intact. However, when smoke particles enter the ionization chamber, the ions are neutralized and the circuit breaks eventually triggering an alarm.

Aspirating Smoke Detectors

Modern sensors are made to protect you from every type of fires. These smoke detectors are equipped with highly sensitive sensors and provide the highest security. However, these detectors are extremely reliable and immune to false alarms. Places such as national libraries, metro stations, hospitals, heavy industries, and historical heritages require aspirating smoke detectors for early and reliable detection.

Aspirating Smoke Detectors have 1 or 2 independent sampling pipes with multiple sampling holes. A large fan draws sample air through the sampling pipes towards the center unit. The center unit uses a nephelometer to detect presence of smoke particles. The nephelometer uses laser beams to check the concentration of the smoke particles. This makes an ASD a highly efficient for being used in data centers and large areas.

Now don’t wait until your house is on fire. Grab a detector and protect yourself and your surrounding!

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